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Thread: Chondritic Planar Dust - Drop Rate needs tweaking (again)

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    Default Chondritic Planar Dust - Drop Rate needs tweaking (again)

    I know crafting recipes have drastically reduced the amount of Dust needed but I have not seen one Dust drop from a Planar Creature since the update yesterday. To compare:

    Pre-Update doing the 4 Zone Dailies to close Rifts (so closing 8 Rifts total) would net me between 20 and 30 Dust.

    Post-Update doing the same quests did not give me any Dust from Planar Creatures. 2 Rifts out of 8 gave me 1 Dust as a reward for closing the Rift.

    Is this intentional? If so... can we PLEASE reconsider (again)? Going from 3 to 4 dusts per Rift on average to 0 makes the desire to actually close Rifts very unattractive.

    Tigress@RIFT (Thank you for releasing unused names, Trion!)
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    I'm pretty sure it's broken, I've had zero dust drop in the last 3 days and closed lots of rifts.

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    No more drops from planar IAs also. Few drops form only major rifts, no drops from minor rifts.

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    Unhappy Nothing

    I haven't had one drop from Rift mobs in last few weeks.
    Used to get a few Dust from closing a Rift but got nothing for weeks now.
    Seen plenty of lesser essences on AH but haven't had any of those for a while either.

    Kinda makes it not worth closing Rifts... in this game of Rifts

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    Dust drops dying coincided with the "no more planar loot" fix for the Ashenfell chronicle. It's possible whatever table they edited affected all planar mobs.

    A friend of mine pointed it out to me on the day of that patch.

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    Also, it ought to be available in the Rift store (unless I cannot find it) - I noticed Dust of the Void has been removed from the store too

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    i'd like to bring the devs attention up there once again
    it's furthermore unbeliavable that 1 chondritic planar dust costs 15 platinum at the moment
    i'm refusing to believe that this is intended
    please fix drop rate, or increase minions drop rate

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