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Thread: Rune Amender Recipes Gone.

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    Default Rune Amender Recipes Gone.

    All of the amenders are gone. They're not in store, favorites, RuneCraft Trainer, Runecraft crafting. They're just straight gone. I can't find them, I can't learn them, I can't use the ones I've learned. Nothing. It's like they've never existed.

    I bought out every single Runecraft Recipe for 450 Savant, so they should be somewhere but they aren't.
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    mine in place, so either just only you, or NA, cause on EU i have it

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    This was the same issue I was complaining about a few weeks ago. I had to go to Bob in Dram to find them. You can purchase them from him but no longer show in the rift store as they once did.

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