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    Default Essence of Reverie and other workorder crafting ingredients

    When there are crafting ingredients required for a work order quest (or, really, any craftable), please put a tool tip that tells where the ingredient comes from. And for ingredients that are purchased from NPCs, please include those items on each NPC that sells for that crafting profession. The Essence of Reverie, for instance, is a required ingredient for a dreamweaver work order quest, but the dreamweaver NPCs do not sell this item. Googling it revealed that it is actually sold by runecrafting NPCs.

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    An easy workaround is to open the Rift Store, go to Crafting then Reagents, then type in a few consecutive letters from the item you want and it will be filtered. It's not exactly RP-like, but it's the quickest way to access any vendor mat.

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    Yeah, I need to update the merchants.

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