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Thread: artisan marks

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    Default artisan marks

    Are there any plans in the works to come up with something to do with excess artisan marks? I have 4 crafters, 3 of whom still need tons of master craftsman marks to get close to having all the available patterns just from the capital city vendors. The 3 that still need master craftsman marks combine to have in excess of 6k artisan marks. They have all purchased every single pattern currently available with artisan marks.

    I understand that the idea is to not have every crafter able to make every item right away and that effort is required. However, I find it quite disheartening to spend an hour or so each day gathering materials to do 5 daily craft quests and in return get a small refund on the mats used and 105 completely useless artisan marks.

    Some things that would make sense IMO: a vendor that will sell crafting goods and/or materials for marks, a conversion mechanism to trade up to master craftsman marks (can be as steep as you want, I'd even be happy with 1000:1 if it made them other than utterly worthless), or an actual augment vendor (not the random boxes, I'm a master craftsman I should know where to get what I want for my crafting). Even things like pets or costumes would be ok, but please find something to do with them other than watch the pile grow.

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    Total agreement Bri.

    Would be nice to be able to convert excess craftsman marks to artisans, even with a conversion rate of say 500 or 1000 to 1.

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