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Thread: To salvage or to runebreak?

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    Default To salvage or to runebreak?

    Since you can both runebreak and salvage the same items I was wondering which is ultimately better to do? To me it seems a bit easier to get Outfiter materials as I play the game then to get Runecrafting material and Runecrafting mats seem to be more expensive in the auction house. Also salvaging armors seem to give me garbage that half the time arent even used to make more Outfiter armor types. Does anyone have any opinions on what would be better if you have both professions?

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    Runebreak. The only time I needed to create the salvaged material items in Outfitter was when I was going from 290 to 300 in Outfitter, and those were the only options. The added duration definitely makes the items worth making from time to time, but items from runebreak are mandatory for every part of leveling that craft, so you're better off runebreaking everything you can until you've maxed it. Even then, you'll still need more runecrafting components for the daily quest, so it'll still take precedence. Use Salvage Armor only when you have more runecrafting materials than you know what to do with.
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