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Thread: Collision of Slivers

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    Default Collision of Slivers

    “I’m sorry! I tried to save this world, but could not!”

    The Magician called out to the groups of people at his feet. His voice carrying across not only to the throng below him, but to all the points he had set up across the world. This world was doomed and Orphiel did his best to see the creatures he had come to endear himself to, to safety. He had created a manner of his own failsafe. They would travel to another Telara, not their own and not everyone would make it, but he had tried.

    Sama replayed those moments in his head as he rushed through the crowded way, Nazsha’s hand so tightly gripped in his own that he was sure, Ascended or not, she would see a bruise at the end of this. If they both saw it that was. Orphiel had warned them that those who existed in whatever world they were thrown into were prioritized before the refugees. They could be eaten by space and time if another Sama or Nazsha existed in the new world. But it was better than the doomed existence they faced here and the archer made sure, uncharacteristically of him that they were first, others be damned.

    Reaching the portal gave them both pause before the other people shoved them forward, throwing the duo into the unknown.

    Neither could remember the trip through, but Sama felt the ground meet him with a rocky hello as they tumbled down a hillside. The man had a moment of panic as he sharply remembered the day he fled the Wilds and his old mare had tripped on the path, sending him and the young kelari boy in his grip flying underneath the stampede of bodies. Feeling his friend’s hand still in his, he did the same as he did back then, pulling her close and using his body to protect her from most of the rocks and other bodies. As the dust settled, others stood with them, some calling out teary eyed for partners, others simply staring at the cloudy sky of Stonefield.


    “I’m fine, a little sore, but fine. We made it through?”

    “I guess...But now what?”


    The Defiant had been ready for the day the Ascended eventually came through the fail safe, but no one was ready for the influx of new people, some Ascended, some not, that simply popped into existence at random points in this world. Some in Stonefield, some in Cape Jule, a few had even somehow made it into Alittu.


    “Name.” The exhausted woman looked at Sama and Nazsha, just how she had looked at the several hundred others she was dealing with in Stonefield alone.

    “Sama Ganbar.”

    “Any relations?”


    “Do you have family, someone who might still be living.”

    “O-Oh. Oh! Um...Tavalta Ganbar, my wife, Lorska Ganbar, my son......and HaKiale....um, I’m afraid I don’t know his last name.”

    The woman made no note of his confusion and simply wrote down what he stated and moved on. The eth didn’t even listen for his friend’s answers as he begin to think about the implications of what was happening. It was possible that someone from his family was alive in this sliver, wasn’t it? What if they were all alive....but it was just as possible that none of them had escaped Port Scion in this world either. Thinking about slivers, time travel, and the ilk was starting to make his head hurt. Another group came by and offered small bits of food and water for them, though neither needed it, they partook in the creature comfort.

    The archer couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread. It seemed no matter what, he was destined to run. The Wilds, Port Scion, now here.


    “Both of you are idiots.” Mizuki stared forward as she saw Lorska’s camp tunic fly forward into the pile of his belongings, the sound of Pankcakes’ grunts as the battlecat dismissed his armor and began rolling on the dewy grass joining his friend’s sigh.

    “You’re just jealous you can’t have the feeling of two backs on soft grass after a fight.”

    “No, you’re just idiots.”

    The bahmi ignored his companion and spread his arms out on the forest floor. It was nice to get breaks and he knew Mizuki enjoyed them as well. HaKiale returned from the river, his normally perk hair dripping wet from the quick dip as he plopped down onto the ground cloth.

    “Oh come on Mizu, imagine, the feeling of two head scratches, or two belly rubs, or-”

    The high elf giggled as Lorska let out a frustrated sigh.

    “You’re supposed to be on my side-”

    A rumble interrupted the beastmaster as a pair of Ascended burst into the riverside clearing, both mounted on massive horses.

    “Ganbar, Lorska? Erimentha, HaKiale?” A kelari called from her perch.

    Both stood, passing a glance to each other.

    “A monumental event has happened. Others from another sliver, a doomed sliver they tell us, have been brought to us. People from that world have told us that you may know them. Are you familiar with a Sama Ganbar?”

    Mizuki nearly reached for Lorska out of instinct as she saw the emotion crash over the bahmi’s face; raw, unshielded sorrow, tinted with joy. His grey face seemingly paler, as if the man would pass out. She didn’t know the name, he didn’t speak of anyone outside of HaKiale and even then, the mage and warrior had just begun to build a relationship. Even the cleric blanched at the name, though his reaction had been much tamer. Pancakes laced between his partner's legs, letting out grunts and small noises. She knew he was talking to Lorska, but she was deaf to their language.

    “W-Where.....” Lorska managed to peep out.

    “He is stationed at Coterie Camp.”


    Mizuki wasn’t sure how the beastmaster managed the extra speed from the bay mare he rode, but her fox and HaKiale’s raptor seemed to struggle to keep up as they raced from porticulum to porticulum on their way to Coterie Camp. She wanted to ask of the man they were going to meet, but even the kelari seemed tight lipped during the journey.

    Bedrolls had been laid out and the area surrounding the once Defiant base camp was filled with people. Some had been picked up by people they knew who were closer than Scatherran, others chose to make the journey to known homes and places, dwindling the numbers from the beginning swarm. It was getting late and a large pot of soup, easy to make, was starting to be warmed as the trio came upon the camp. Without words, Lorska dismounted and stalked amongst the group, Pancakes at his heel, keeping close. He only stopped once he recognized the pale eyed eth sitting near the end of a row, his back mostly to the warrior.

    The man was younger than Lorska remembered, his hair short and that familiar brown rather than grey and long, though the minute traces of crows feet still made their appearance. His silvery pale eyes were bright, no longer clouded by the cataracts that had claimed his sight in this sliver. Sama didn’t notice the bahmi, but a surprised glance from Nazsha made the archer turn.

    Sama hadn’t been very good at remembering things in this life, or the one before Ascension, but it didn’t take him long to see past all the time lost. Lorska had of course never aged, but war had changed him and the last time Sama had truly seen his son had been back in Port Scion, before the blindness.

    “A-Alab....” Lorska barely spoke the word, a name Sama hadn’t heard in too long. The eth stood, not moving but to wipe away the tears that had formed. He let the bahmi come to him, a force that brought both of them to their knees as the much larger man embraced his father. Pancakes managed to squeeze between the two, his sounds of content loud enough for those around to hear as the battle cat nuzzled and licked the archer.

    “P-Pancakes, oh by the Ancestors, you too?” Sama gladly took the cat up into his arms as massive paws wrapped around his head, his hands brushing over the familiar white patch on the feline’s back.

    “Are you both really here? This isn’t some kind of trick? We’re not in the Soul Stream?”

    “No, we’re here....So are you.” Lorska managed through his own tears. He looked back and motioned for HaKiale to join them. The kelari had been as much family as possible and he knew Sama would be glad to see the cleric.

    “Mr. Ganbar?” HaKiale managed to pipe out rather over politely. The moment seem to hang for a moment before Sama began to laugh past his tears. He knew the kelari had always been a quiet child, but seeing a full grown man, and Ascended no less, refer to him like the neighborhood coach put all this in a sharp relief. Soon all three men were laughing, leaving Nazsha and Mizuki to pass looks over their companions.

    “Are there going to be any introductions, Sama? Or are we going to be left out?” Nazsha’s tone held no ill will, and her companion’s face reddened a bit.

    “O-Oh, yes. I’m sure you understa-” Sama began explaining before he caught himself. She was teasing him. “-Lorska, this is Nazsha, a friend I made back in.....well...our sliver.”

    Lorska gave a nod before motioning to Mizuki.

    “This is Mizuki, one of our companions. I’m sure my father has told you of Pancakes and HaKiale.”

    “Many a time. He always spoke of you with such pride.”

    The high elf came forward and gave a proper greeting to the refugees.

    “I’m glad to meet both of you.”

    As they all sat down, it became apparent from their stories that each of their slivers were nearly the same, with minute differences. Lorska and Sama were dismayed that Tavalta had not made it to either timeline, but finding each other would be a more than adequate bandage.

    They had so much to talk about.
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