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Thread: Short Story-The Quiver

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    Default Short Story-The Quiver

    “Are.......you sure?” The kelari looked at the parchment once more, slowly turning it to different angles as if seeing it either landscape or portrait could help her understand why anyone would pay for this.

    “Yes, for a hip quiver please.” Sama ignored her tone and happily waited to hear how much a wardrobe enchantment would be.

    The mage folded the paper and tucked it into her belt. “Give me a moment please, I have to talk to our enchanter.”

    The eth could hear the faint ‘he wants to pay for that?’ and ‘like a child did it.’ from the two in the tent, but still he held his characteristic soft smile. Finally the elf returned and didn’t even hide the sigh she gave.

    “We can do it.”

    “And how much?”

    “Um....How about two plat. Seem fair?”

    Sama dug out two shiny coins to hand over. “More than. About how long?”

    “Give us an hour.”

    Inside the tent, the kelari returned with the picture and tossed it on the table.

    “This has got to mean a hell of a lot to that guy.” She glanced at the drawing of the quiver, each part was labeled and written down with care with dimensions and everything. The two sections of leather, patchy dye work, different colored beads hanging from uneven tassels going down the underside. Though it seem to be functionally sound, it was an aesthetic nightmare. The work of creating the bauble that would enchant the item wasn’t hard to make, but the back and forth they had about it nearly took them over the time specified. When the kelari returned to the front of the stand, a familiar face was waiting.

    “Oh! Here is your bauble. You know how to use it?”

    “Yes, and thank you.” Sama happily took the small bead and applied it to his talisman.

    Whoever created this thing was a genius.

    The small talisman could hold thousands of baubles to allow people to pick and choose outfits, mostly Ascended, at the tap of a small hologram. It was the one peice of tech he noticed Guardians didn’t complain about. He scrolled through his small collection and picked the new quiver, holding the device to his current gear as the spell went off. The brown little quiver now looked like the one he knew the mages thought ugly.

    But to him it was perfect.

    Sama didn’t expect to have a wave of sadness hit him as he finally took in the item. The day he got it, his birthday, played out like a movie.

    “Alab! Alab!” The boy came running up to him, the shoddily wrapped package nearly opening as the bahmi crashed into Sama as he sat on the floor. He smiled, glad that Lorska had kept up his use of the ethian word for father.

    “And what do we have here?” He glanced up as his wife leaned against a door frame with a smile.

    “I made you a thing for your birthday! Happy birthday!” The package was unceremoniously shoved into his chest with the force only known to five year olds. As Sama unwrapped it, Lorska sat by his side, wiggling. The quiver was decorated with two halves of leather, both dyed a different color, one red and one grey, Sama’s favorite color, and sewn up shoddily with sinew. The underside sported leather tassels that ended in three randomly colored beads along it with a long grey belt for wearing.

    “I made sure you can actually use it, it only looks like it was made by a five year old.” Tavalta informed Sama. “But everything else was Lorska, he even dyed the leather.”

    The large smile was as true as could be as the eth took his son up in a hug. “I love it! I can’t wait to show the rest of the crew tonight!”

    Back in the present, Sama became aware of people staring. The eth had taken up the quiver and was standing nearly in the middle of everything, crying. He moved off to the side and held the item closer. He had lost the original quiver back in Port Scion, having stopped using it for a few years before so it didn't completely fall apart, and having even just the bauble was special to him. Sama sat for an untold amount of time before he felt he could carry the quiver without tears.

    It was a reminder of not only what he had lost, his family, but what he fought for, why he chose to take his bow up against the Planes.

    For family.
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