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    “Fine. You win. Let’s do this” Mizuki sat between Lorska and HaKiale with a stubborn huff. They had been readying for some down time and the Elf saw her companions sitting down to meditate. She had asked HaKiale about Lorska’s use of the Liberator Soul to help after battle and though she knew that the Kelari had left out details on why exactly he chose to assist himself with the healing Soul, she accepted the answer for the most part.

    HaKiale had started joining his friend and while it seemed that the low key manipulations of the leylines of their bodies helped, she hadn’t wanted to admit her curiosity to Lorska. The Bahmi and she didn’t get along enough as it was, her joining them would only give him fire to fight with.

    But she had to know. She was a student of magic and the forces wielded by the martials were a different class to her mystic learning.

    “So the Lady decides to-ooof!” Lorska’s banter was cut short as the Cleric across from him jammed the butt of his hammer into the Liberator’s gut. It was rare for HaKiale to lash out at his Tribe leader and Lorska decided against sharpening another reply. He shifted so that they sat knee to knee and settled with a deep breath.

    “I’ll be doing the brunt of the work, but if you want this to take you’ll have to let me do what I do. Understand?”

    Mizuki stared down at her fisted hands. “Yes....But no shenanigans.” She wholly expected him to make this into some kind of prank, even though their last sessions seemed serious enough.

    “Good. Now you don’t have to close your eyes, but it makes it less ridiculous to look at.”

    The High Elf decided to keep her eyes open for the moment and watched Lorska move his arms out. She understood the concept of the Liberator; Manipulation of the leylines in order to turn magic for the betterment of their team or the destruction of the enemy. Mystics did a manner of the same, though theirs were much less conscience allowing their calls upon the magic to lead the way. As the Bahmi seemed to close his hand on something she saw HaKiale relax more, his shoulders dropping further until she expected him to fall over. Lorska pulled his arm back until his elbow sat along his thigh, moving his fingers as if he meant to separate strands of yarn from each other. While he did so, his other hand came forward to her and did the same. She felt as if something had grabbed her heart and she started to pull away.

    “Don’t. Fight.” the words were quietly said through tight lips and Mizuki now noticed that despite the calm ease that this seemed happen with, strain pulled at the warrior’s face. She tried to relax and took several deep breaths, realizing she had never been at the opposing end of a Liberator’s grasp. The feeling didn’t hurt, but she was quite uneasy as his arm retracted.

    The best way the Elf could describe the feeling was much like watching a ball of yarn unravel, spinning in one place as the orb got smaller. She decided to close her eyes now, and it seemed to help her calm down for the moment. The ‘yarn ball’ as she decided to call it spun away from her, taking her tense energy with it like a warm bath. The less she thought of the mechanics behind what was going on, the better she felt.

    A watched pot never boils, I suppose.

    Mizuki had no idea how long the session had been but once she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find herself on her sleeping roll just outside the firelight. HaKiale was finishing a pot of something while Lorska was nowhere to be seen.

    “D-Did I fall asleep!?” Her voice did nothing to hide her own indignation at the thought of falling asleep on their session. “Or did he put me to sleep!?”

    The Cleric grinned. “No, he didn’t. You just had a lot of stress I guess. I fell asleep the first couple of times too. It’s amazing how much better you feel, not even a session with a Soul Healer is that good, right?”

    The Elf’s face scrunched with distaste. It was apparent even from the fireside.

    “Oh, come off it. No one is going to make fun of you for it. Liking it or falling asleep. Contrary to what you’ve seen, Lorska does have some tact.” HaKiale was brave with his words today. He normally let the two burn out their disagreements on each other, but he knew how much the meditation helped Lorska keep his Reaver Soul in place and he was more than happy to see them get along.

    “He swallowed his pride, you can too.” The fact was, Lorska had been almost too calm after they were done. He had been quick to go get firewood and took his time on the second trip he had yet returned from.

    “I-I suppose it was relaxing...” Mizuki admitted with a purse of her lips. “Even if that big doof did it.”

    Lorska returned with arm full of wood as Mizuki joined the fireside, letting the logs fall in an absent minded pile off to the side. He glanced at the Elf for a moment before settling down himself and grabbing his mess kit. Dinner was silent and though the session had been calming, a tense fog sat amongst them as an unwanted companion.

    “I think I’ll turn in. I know we have to be back at the Tower pretty early.” HaKiale didn’t expect them to believe his ruse, but at least he gave them a courteous backdrop to hopefully talk.

    Mizuki wasn’t blind to the tension either and looked from her cooling tea and back to the Bahmi several times before some kind of silly superstition took a hold.

    “Can you see things when you do that?”

    Lorska glanced up with a look of confusion, his eyes glinting in the firelight. “W-What? No. I suppose with some trickery and the River of Souls you might get something, but I only can change magical lines. Did you have something to hide, Elf?”

    Her temper returned, partly due to her childish fear of him reading her mind and memories, but mostly towards his sassing tone. “No, but something is obviously bothering you after the meditation. I know HaKiale didn’t tell me everything when he told me what you do-”

    “I can assure you this has nothing to do with that.” His tone was monotone and any enjoyment in his eyes was flattened. For a moment, even Mizuki knew to bite her tongue on the subject. “What I can tell you is that you were hard to work with, even once you stopped fighting me. While I can’t know what you think, emotions can carry into magic like sediments. You were a knot, it was exhausting. I didn’t really have the mind to work on myself after.”

    It was rare that they felt anything other than contempt and mockery for each other but Mizuki couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for Lorska as he turned his eyes back to the fire. As she continued to watch him she could see, even from where she sat, he was thinking about something. Even in the bright red fire she could see the color of his eyes shift.

    Mizuki had learned that Lorska was a strange Ascended and didn’t display most of the flashy magic attributed with changing Souls. His eye color changed, from the bright golden of Beastmaster to the deep brown and blue flecked shimmering of the Liberator, but the deep almost red amber was new. He quickly closed his eyes and muttered something to himself before getting up. He seemed on the verge of leaving when he opened his eyes again, the blue reflected once more in the light.

    “I should get to sleep, as should you.” the warrior gave her a wide berth on his way to the tents. Mizuki stayed out for about another hour before she banked the fire and retired. He was hiding a Soul from her, but what?

    Lorska himself couldn’t get to sleep, not that it was immediately important, but he wished it was for different reasons. That monster of a Soul was pushed back into its cage for now, but he couldn’t get the feral anger it had felt when he had taken up Mizuki’s line out of his mind. When he had told her not to fight, he had to fight harder himself to maintain control. The only other time the Reaver had encountered the Elf was back in Ashenfell......

    But by the Ancestors, it hated her.
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