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Thread: Short Story- We Never Got to Mourn

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    Default Short Story- We Never Got to Mourn

    Sama stared at the inside of his tent a moment longer before leaving with a sigh. Though the night was cool, the Eth could feel the drops of sweat from his listless rest. He had been doing this for a while now, and though having Nazsha here helped, he could feel the foreboding inching closer everyday, slowly reminding him of those moments before his eyes opened in Terminus.

    Sama’s chest tightened as he recalled snippets of his last breath, his last blind stand as Port Scion was overrun and he lost everything. Friends, family, himself. Waking up to the end of the world didn’t give him time to reflect on the fact he had died and come back without his son or wife. Instantly into battle.

    Currently in Stillmoor, the archer thought back to how they got here. Assignment after assignment, shipped from one warzone to another, seemingly without a break except to sleep. Though it seemed they didn’t need it much, not that it helped.

    Did anyone stop to think that he was more than sword fodder?

    Sama Ganbar had been a father, a husband, a hard working cattleman who spent nights watching flocks and days raising a son. None of that mattered to the generals and officers who sent him out to fight the planar threat. He didn’t blame them, who needed to know the life story of your soldiers when they had bigger things to worry about? Perhaps he was selfish in his thoughts, but he didn’t care, he never asked to be Ascended.

    He was Ascended now, but he had always been Sama. And Sama never got a chance to see his family before being drafted into this fight. Pale blue eyes stared up at the twinkling stars, watching as the forms blurred through a rising film of tears.

    Tavalta, Lorska....Hell, even HaKiale, the Kelari boy who had become a fixture in his family.

    The tears were jostled loose as his knees hit the loamy earth.

    I never got to mourn. I never got to say goodbye. I just stood there, blind, helpless and now you are gone.

    The marksman’s whimpering turned to wails as he traced each memory. From the day he first laid eyes on the most beautiful Bahmi woman he had seen, to their small, intimate wedding, to the birth of his son after so many miscarriages. The exodus from the Wilds. Their last fight at Port Scion. All of these were Sama and through battle after battle he never got to heal from those lost times. He never noticed Nazsha’s hand on his shoulder as each scream wracked his body, her arms slowly taking him in a stabilizing embrace. Off in the distance, howls of the lycanthrope and Mathosian hound populace joined in as if in empathy with the man, echoing their calls on the high hills and mountains.

    Sama wondered how many other Ascended lost their chance to mourn, who they missed and could not cry for. Did Nazsha have anyone? As his cries subsided, so did the sense of dread that had haunted him since Terminus. His body would have crumbled to the ground if it were not for his Ethian companion, drained like he had never been before, but he felt better.

    “I-I’m sorry you had to-”

    Nazsha shushed him, “I saw that coming for a while. You always talked about them so much, I wondered how you could say such things dry eyed.” She had listened to his stories almost every night, those of his lovely sounding wife, the boy he cared so much for. She hadn’t had such a life and the tales had been a comfort to the necromancer.

    “You think I will see them again? Are we allowed in the River?” Sama stared at the moor ground without blinking.

    “I’m not sure. But if anyone could meet up with their loved ones, it’d be you.” Nazsha helped her friend up as her summoned skeleton held out the blanket he had been commanded to fetch.

    “I didn’t even see you call him.” Sama gave a smile to Thrall. The skeleton didn’t react.

    “You had other things on your mind.”

    The archer’s smile dimmed a moment before easing into a satisfied look.

    “I suppose I did.”
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