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    HaKiale fiddled once more with the sigil hanging from his sash. The Kelari was about to protest his coming here, but found that his friend was just as nervous. The Bahmi’s stoic face was betrayed as his hand constantly scratched the head of his battlecat, the companion aware of his partner’s nervous attention.

    They had come to the Wilds, or rather back to, to settle something that had popped up once Teth had been taken care of.

    Who was leader?

    Uureg had taken over, and while he was certainly more level headed than Khar had been, there was Rahn and the Red Sun to talk about. He had been leader before the Wilds were taken and led the scattered Tribes, many of which still followed his word with the utmost loyalty. They had the splintered Silver Wolf Tribe, part that had questionably flourished under Khar here in the wild, and the fraction that had moved to Shimmersand. They should be family, but here, now, tensions were strained as customs and rules butted heads.

    Uureg and Rahn talked privately for now and would address all tribes, mostly leaders and some close family, to figure out how to proceed. Some of the Magpie’s ambassadors simply wanted it to be how it had been. If Rahn wanted his place back, he’d have to fight and most likely kill Uureg, but the new Silver Wolf leader didn’t jump on the idea. There had been so much thinly controlled chaos with the last set of Khans, he didn’t wish to see any of it rear its ugly head. Older Tribes wanted nothing to do with that, the Storm’s Fury being the loudest protester. While they agreed that talks would be best, it was no secret that they and their sister Tribe, Ember Fury, supported Rahn.

    Lorska and HaKiale were here under the banner of the Steel Tiger Tribe, and despite the grand talks of leadership, their appearance had people talking. Many thought that the Steel Tigers had died out, with the last of Lorska’s family perishing in Port Scion. His Ascension brought back not only him, but his Tribe, and it was up to Lorska to help rebuild. Choosing a Kelari was the last thing anyone expected. There were of course mostly Bahmi here, but dotted about where some of the Ethian members who had fled. HaKiale was the only Elf.

    And it showed.

    “How long do you think they’ll be?”

    “Not sure, but at least we have Rahn in there. If that man was only good at one thing, it would be talks. There’s a reason Asha chose him as her right hand. ”

    The words did little to comfort the Cleric, still very much aware of the eyes glancing at him, and in the case of the Magpies, pointedly sneering. He thought back to when Lorska earnestly asked him to become part of his Tribe. HaKiale had had an unofficial welcoming when he was a child, getting a necklace of a cat’s fang from Lorska as a gift. It was to make him feel welcome when his father ignored him during trade trips to the Wilds. But it never had crossed his mind that the offer would become real.

    I’m the son of the leader, if anyone can make you Steel Tiger, I can.

    Fingers traced over the small cat fang cast. Lorska had saved up all his quartz and got one of Pancakes’ baby teeth cast behind his parents’ backs, giving it to him behind a neighbor’s yurt like some dirty secret. His parents eventually found out, but by then HaKiale had been mostly adopted and they did not take the offense seriously.

    Now here he was, the right hand to his brother in talks, getting stared at.

    Everyone stood as Rahn and Uureg came out from behind the curtained off yurt. Neither showed emotion as the murmurs calmed down.

    “As of now, a decision has not been reached.” Uureg waited until the groans and some less than respectful words settled. “We shall break with a meal and continue tomorrow. It is late. Rahn has graciously planned transport of goods here and we accept the Red Sun’s generosity. ”

    Agriculture had died out with the Wilds’ trip amongst the Planes along with the remaining Eth, the horses and vaiyu, and depending on who you asked, any culture. Rahn saw it as a subtle, hopeful, sway that would bring them back together. He made sure many casks of airag were available alongside the rice and noodle dishes presented along the hunks of skywhale and fruits. Both Rahn and Uureg tried to get the Tribes to intermingle while settling to eat, though not so much with the aloof Magpies, and both smiled as despite their differences some old, some new, everyone seemed to get along.


    “It actually helps that Dacia decided to come, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone so impressed with her...Appreciation for punching things.” The Silver Wolf Shimmersand leader looked on as the woman stood on top of the biggest, ugliest, vhar she had ever seen. Lorska let out a grunt of agreeance, glad to see the events held by the Jade Serpents were going smoothly.

    They had just left the main meeting to relax as more talks began. Lorska had spoke his two quartz about who should lead, he being a Rahn supporter. When asked of his opinion, HaKiale surprised them with a dignified but truthful answer of being quite out of the loop on Bahmi politics. The Tribes were now being treated to events thrown by the current Tribes, mostly punching things but some other tests of skill popped up once a while.

    “No horseback riding!?”

    “A bit hard without horses.”

    Lorska and Hakiale turned with a few others to watch the exchange as two people got into it about the lack of horses in the Wilds.

    “Are they fighting about horses?” HaKiale shaded his eyes as they watched.

    “We are the finest horsemen around. Some Mathosians don’t like that claim but from what I remember any horsemanship games were won by Bahmi. We lost the Black Hoof Tribe, they were the best of the best, but any Bahmi worth his mettle should be able to ride. ”

    “I know you know how to ride, but is it really that important?” HaKiale had been present for most of Lorska’s riding lessons and would have learned himself if not for his terror of being so small next to such large beasts.

    Lorska grinned and stood from his seat.

    “Get me my horse and we’ll find out.”

    Lorska eyed the posts laid out in front of him as the bay mare under his saddle seemed to sense the energy around them, murmurs starting as he called Pancakes to perch carefully on a special pad on his saddle.

    “What is he doing with his cat?” The Silver Wolf’s leader watched as Lorska made a few paces before he spurred the mare into a gallop. HaKiale smiled as he thought back to the lessons that taught Pancakes the trick.

    “Steel Tigers teach their companion to sit on the back of their saddles so that when they need to travel long distances, the cats can rest. They not only learn to ride, but have to make sure the cats stay on even in rough terrain.”

    The leader’s eyebrows rose as she turned again to watch the show.

    Each turn was met with skill as Lorska’s mount turned within a hair of the post, though never touching, making sure each spectator got a full view of the movement. Pancakes braced for each turn and jump as they sped through the course, never once losing his footing. His last jump landed him squarely in front of the small group. Despite the horse doing the work, Lorska had to wipe a bit of sweat away as he smiled.

    “Didn’t know the Steel Tiger’s rode that well!” an onlooker from the Pale Mongoose Tribe clasped Lorska’s shoulder as he dismounted.

    “Your right hand knows a bit about your Tribe, surprising considering his, well...” The Wolf’s leader almost seemed embarrassed, realizing she judged HaKiale by the fact he was Kelari, and blatantly called out Lorska’s judgment. The Bahmi took note that others seemed to share her expression and decided to let it slide.

    “HaKiale is my brother, you should be more embarrassed I haven’t taught him to properly ride!”

    Red faces turned to smiles as others joined them and soon a whole herd seemed to materialize as old Tribes remembered their skills and new ones wanted to learn them.

    Back at the yurts, Rahn and Uureg had been watching the display.

    “It’s wonderful everyone seems to be getting to enjoy this. Perhaps we can hope to see it become permanent.” Uureg smiled.

    “That’d be nice, but for now, more airag?”
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