“The tree isn’t that tall...”

“Then you get to climb it!” Sama nearly lost his grip on the unsteady branch as he reached out for the glowing artifact. The Eth managed to snag it just as the dead wood broke and he hit the ground squarely on his back with a huff. He rolled over and looked at the object, waiting for the unknown voice to tell him a bit about the item.

They could never figure out what exactly told them where artifacts came from, just that once you held in in your hands, you just knew.

This item was a heavy cast of a large cat fang, the top strung with red twine and hung upon a silver chain. Sama held it out for his partner, Nazsha, to look at, but something kept him from letting it go.

Notable Ascended: Lorska Ganbar, Leader of the Steel Tiger Clan: One of the few Beastmasters counted amongst the Ascended, this Bahmi can always be seen alongside his faithful companion, Pancakes.

Sama nearly dropped the necklace as he realized the artifact he held.

“Ganbar, isn’t that your last name?” Nazsha furrowed her brow as she saw her partner grow pale and start to hold the fang closely to his chest. His vision blurred with unchecked tears as he saw his son wearing this exact fang back in the Wilds, his wife and daughter having worn similar necklaces. There couldn’t be any mistaking it. Their ability to see items from other times, slivers, brought to him knowledge he never expected.

In another time, another moment, his son had become Ascended instead of him. He had survived Port Scion and moved on to become a great warrior.

The Steel Tiger Clan got a necklace cast from a cat’s fang to show their kinship with the beasts they tamed. Sama even remembered the day they found out Lorska had gotten one of Pancakes’ kitten teeth cast for his Kelari friend to make him feel welcome. But by the time the Wilds were taken, the Steel Tiger Clan was dying out; the last members being his wife and their children. He never took the Clan’s mantle, but it filled him with pride to know Lorska kept it alive, even if in a distant sliver.

“Sama?” His Ethian companion waited until his moment has passed before placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I-I’m fine....Fine. I just wasn’t expecting something like this. This necklace was, is....worn by my son. Lorska became Ascended in that sliver. I hope you don’t mind me not turning this in.” He tilted his head up to glance at Nazsha, almost embarrassed by the river staining his cheeks.

“Of course not.”