Casting Call! Meet Charles "Chuck" Manly, the most eligible bachelor in all of Telara! He is smart, rich, sexy and looking for love! Could you be the woman to steal his heart away?!

Info (OOC):

We are hosting a fun, relaxed Role Play event in theme with the Valentine's holiday! If you would like to have your toon join in the fun as a bachelorette, or have questions, please send a message on FBU to Vieye or in game at Vieye@Faeblight!

More info such as dates, times, and additional prizes to be announced!

We will have events planned such as group dates, one on one dates, competitions, and of course, elimination ceremonies!

Also, if you wish to have your dimension featured during the event, please message me the info!


Of course there are prizes! The woman who wins Chuck Manly's heart will be awarded with REX, and perhaps more, depending on the number of contestants!

In addition to the winner's prize, each contestant will be entered into a drawing for a REX! So roll an alt or grab your main, because casting spots are limited!