"Mr. Pugjangles'

I knew a man Pugjangles and he'd raid for you
in dungeon blues
no earrings or fragments or essences
his hit was 9 oh 2
he parsed so low, parsed so low
and then he said he could heal

I met him in Crossevents
well I was desparate
he told me that he knew the fights and all the strats
and this was just an alt
he linked achieves, I swear he linked achieves
and we had 2 go linkdead

He said his name was Pugjangles then he charged the boss
readycheck hadn't even gone out
We rezzed the raid and got buffed up
And readychecked..that's when he afked
said he'd be right back.....said he'd be right back
his dog needed to go out....

Mr. Pugjangle.....Mr. Pugjangles.....
Mr. Pugjangles.....said he could raid....

He couldn't cleanse, and didn't purge or interrupt
but he sure wanted loots
He stood in red got cleaved and died we rezzed him up
then his internet went out
We all took a break, didn't come back
and after 20 minutes we gave up

He logged back in, we had filled the spot
with somebody new
He wondered if
I would drop for him
cuz he needs the loots

Well I told him no, gawd I told him no
then I saw him post lfr on crossevents

Mr. Pugjangles..Mr. Pugjangles...Mr. Pugjangles.....raid