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Thread: Game and Class Creations/Suggestions

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    Default Game and Class Creations/Suggestions

    I have a number of suggestions for better, more player friendly gaming, one of which is dynamic items that swap characteristics with role, so that players no longer need to gather multiple sets per class, and can instead focus on what should be the primary selling point of the game (Fun!) instead of grinding repeatedly in rifts, dailies, and raids.

    Secondly, I would like to see crafting more interactive. I really loved the idea of those um.. essences? that could be attached to crafted gear to make them more unique, but they were removed for higher level items. I would like to see them returned along with a method of combining items of the same name together to improve their quality to make for a more eventful crafting experience, as apposed to simply dismantling 10 crafted items, when it could otherwise be set up in a such a way that players could level with their crafts. Minor point, probably but fun.

    The final thing here, and probably of great interest is the idea of Guild-Bound Items for Raids, in order to keep people attached to their Guild, and to enable items to be swapped around as needed, so jealousy and greed do not become the selling point of completing end level content.

    I also have an entirely new class idea, called the spiritualist that is based on summons, not least of which includes a viable tank summon for End Game content and a fun method for positioning them without forcing the player to get carpal tunnel.

    I have a few other role ideas for the other classes as well, but I'm not sure if I should be posting here, or on the class forums, or if this is even the right place to be doing so.

    Some Guidance on this matter would be helpful. Thank you

    Also credit where credit is due: An old friend and my brother helped come up with the above ideas, and the new class was a joint effort with them.
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    Sounds awesome and all, but if your ideas are not profitable in Trions' eyes (and from the sound of it I doubt it, just to give an example: reducing the time spend on grinding is not in Trion's interest, because it would reduce the number of ppl spending money in the shop, except ofc if you have an idea that would keep that flow of money steady or even increase it), then don't bother posting it, it'd be a waste of time.

    Other than that, you can post your ideas either in General Discussion or its Suggestions subforum.
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