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Thread: Two years of RIFT event data

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    Default Two years of RIFT event data

    Building upon last year's, here are some numbers for events in all of Nightmare Tide. This is all as observed by me, so mileage may vary (in particular, end times are up to 2 minutes off - which is why you'll see end times of 121 minutes when 120 is the max).

    Across ALL shards from 2014-10-22 to 2016-11-15:
    • Total events observed: 1090152
    • The zones with the most events, at ~73,000 each, are: Stillmoor, Shimmersand, Iron Pine Peak, and Draumheim. The zone with the least number of events are unsurprisingly the newest: Planetouched Wilds (~9,000) and Tyrant's Throne (~11,000). Then there are Morban and Kingsward at ~16,000.
    • The shards with the least number of events are Bloodiron at ~64,000 at Seastone at ~78,000. All the rest got 81,000 - 89,000, with Laethys narrowly winning the crown for most events.
    • The rarest zone event is Saint Carwin Mathos, at 2(!) runs. The next rarest is Rotten March, at 136.
    • The most common zone events are still Unstable Dendrome and Unstable Steppes of Infinity, at ~48,000 each. The Ravenous Devourer is third at ~44,000, and of the remaining Nightmare Tide events, Howling Fury is the next most common, placing 9th at ~20,000.
    • In a twist from last year, the least common Unstable events are now Unstable Cape Jule and Unstable Kingdom of Pelladane at ~7500.
    • Hooves and Horns has now run ~1600 times, ~1200 of them in the last 14 months.
    • Bloodfire Behemoth: Ember Isle is still the most common BB at ~3900, and Bloodfire Behemoth: Morban and Bloodfire Behemoth: Kingdom of Pelladane are still the least common, at ~230.
    • The shortest event is still Operation: Landfall, with an average of 4 minutes, median 3, and standard deviation of 5.05. This one could be tweaked to fail slower.
    • The events with the highest average run times are: The Awakening (avg 111 minutes, median 121 min, stddev 21.05), The Blight (110/115/13.50), Fragment of Kaaz'Ra (106/121/28.08), Party Crashers (105/114/18.61), The Craft of Conflict (105/121/24.43), and The Rising Depths (105/121/27.81). In other words, most of the time these events time out.
    • Craft of Conflict has never ended in under 32 minutes. The Silver Army always takes 47 or more minutes to end. Due to the inherent inaccuracy of measuring end times, I'd guess that these events were designed to fail in 30/45 minutes if no Ascended participate (but if they do, the maximum run time is still 120min).
    • The (non-fortress) Nightmare Tide event with the most consistent run time is Leviathan with a standard deviation of 8.95, then Battalion of Flame at 9.82.
    • Remember when they nerfed The Ravenous Devourer? I don't exactly, but the average time to complete from 2014-10-22 to 2015-09-26 was 23 minutes, and from 2015-09-26 to 2016-11-15 it was 14 -- although the median stayed the same at 13.
    If someone wants to do something with a full event data dump, ask and I'll create one.
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