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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: Consulation prize for not getting into the Trion Worlds Creator Program

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    Default Consulation prize for not getting into the Trion Worlds Creator Program


    So, I got this yesterday.

    Thank you for your interest!
    Hello <insert name here> and thanks for emailing the Creator Program,

    We’re humbled and honored by your interest in the Trion Worlds Creator Program and sincerely appreciate your patience while we evaluated your application. The program is currently focused on creators who have an existing audience for their scheduled content. At this time, we’re interested in helping you grow your channel so we can accept you into the program in the future.

    To help get you going, here is an Atlas Reactor Closed Beta invite code which you can use either for yourself, a friend, or as a giveaway to your audience! It can be redeemed on the Glyph website. (Please don’t sell or trade this code as this will revoke your candidate status.)


    Feel free to reach out with other ways we can help! We really hope to see your channel grow and to accept you into the program soon. Thanks again for your interest!

    Evan @Scapes Berman
    Senior Live Media Manager, Trion Worlds

    Atlas Reactor Beta Code is a slap in the face, since it is free to play. Why is it that people that have no streams on Twitch, no audience on YouTube amongs't others you get the (Well, it is your fault, that your computer is below par, and you can't stream or have little to no audience) that you can not participate. I have been a Star Wars Galaxies Content Developer for many years.


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    Well... this /rant is not going to help you get into the creator program. How about promoting what you're doing and gaining subscribers and followers.

    Right now they're pretty much looking for established not potential creators.

    This isn't Star Wars, can't rest on your past laurels.

    So what is it your doing? I would like to look.
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    I too, am unclear on what basis you applied for the program.

    By the reference you give in your post, I assume you mean you have been a content developer for the unlicensed SWG servers? I worked with SWG itself back in the day at SOE, and I do not recall your name, so I am not clear on what you do, and you didn't include any links to your site(s) in your post.

    In any case, producing game code or content is quite different from what we're looking for in the Trion Worlds Creator Program, so I am curious what platform you are on as a Creator. Are you a streamer, videographer, wiki admin, artist, fan site?
    I assume that you are interested in doing something RIFT-based, as you have posted here.

    I am surprised that you consider a beta code for Atlas Reactor a slap in the face. It unlocks EVERYTHING, not just the free mode rotation.

    We are indeed looking for folks who have built an audience, not those who have just started dabbling. As Evan's email says, we are very happy to help with advice and suggestions to help you grow whatever channel you're on. It's yet another form of support we provide, even for those who do not yet meet the criteria for the program - we all start somewhere!

    I encourage you to reach out to Evan, just as the email invites you to do, and find out how you can get to the level needed. We're here to help.

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    I got the same email, also with a code for AR. It's now on my twitter as a giveaway. Someone will get it and I'll go on about my own Rift stuff.

    So... go do stuff with your own project so it can be revised and accepted in the future.

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    Chatting with some friends the other day, and one of them was banging on about Trion's desparate move to get people to make cotent for free. I asked what he was on about.

    It seems the name may be causing some confusion. Some people read it as Trion "worlds creator" programme, and so think it's about content creation. Others read it (correctly) as "Trion Worlds" creator programme.
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    Iiiiinteresting perspective, Kendun!

    On the CP page, we do state, ""Whether you create fansites, YouTube videos, Twitch livestreams, or original art, the Trion Worlds Creator Program is here to help you grow!"
    I can certainly see where someone might miss that and think this was a game content program. It's not; it is entirely aimed at helping us help the many, many folks who do livestreams, fan sites, videos and other community-based coolness.

    I'll make sure that Evan reviews the site with an eye to more clarity!

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    Just to shine a neon light on what Brasse said about Atlas Reactor.

    The game is Buy to Play model with Free Mode. The key gives you what B2P model unlocks so you may play and experience it all until the game launches (it is still in closed beta.)

    Attachment 28730

    Happy to help anyone who would like to play this game its loads of fun and cross games is a great way to grow audience, you'll find me on Atlas Reactor Discord (address in my tag.)
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