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Thread: Trion Creator Program Community Run Discord & Imzy

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    Default Trion Creator Program Community Run Discord & Imzy

    Hi ya'll.

    If you haven't heard Trion have overhauled how they will support those who support their games with broadcasts, sites, art....etc with the Trion Creators Program.

    As someone who has been promoting Trion games for a number of years and has played or plays all of them this is exciting news! To support this generosity and yours for taking the time making our games even more amazing I am building a Trion Creator Program Discord.

    This Discord is for all of you who want to share events/projects, chat to others who are playing games you haven't played yet so maybe you'll jump in, exchange ideas, collaborate...so on and so forth. On Discord you will also learn more about Imzy and how to get an invite to this newest social media platform in beta already being used by thousands.

    Hope we see you on their and whatever you do GLHF!
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    Kiwi put in a great effort for this project. It would be a shame if some of the rift creators aren't at least aware of it. Its a good place to talk cross-game as well.
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    Just waiting for my acceptance before I join
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    I've put off getting Discord for so long... you're gonna make me use it, aren't you?

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    waiting to see if/when they accept more people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuraiko View Post
    I've put off getting Discord for so long... you're gonna make me use it, aren't you?
    Hah I can't "make" anyone I can only offer an opportunity which this is to grow your audience and share your awesomeness. Rift MMORPG Discord could also use the inspiration of your spectacular video's

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    Odin says,.... use both , feal the rainbow ,... in short like kiwi and others have stated you are your best advertisement use them as you would car keys .
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    It has been Fun most of all a learning experience that i am sure will never end .
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