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    Quote Originally Posted by Laeti View Post
    You don't have to pvp if you don't like it, this is exactly why the quest features a few activities not just one.
    I don't think this is a realistic perspective. As previously mentioned, I've done every weekly with a sparkle reward since it started, I've tagged into zone events whenever I can, I haven't wasted a single NTE charge (including two rounds of patron extras), and I've won a few WFs. But I haven't had the time to do all that and spam WFs hoping for a carry, and the toon I've been playing doesn't have the hit to clear the DRR every day or to get into a lot of CQ premades. With those being the only sparkles of which I'm aware that I've missed, I'm probably not even going to make 400 sparkles. It's not realistic to say that those of us who are casual players and therefore need the gear piece more can skip pvp because it's not necessary for the quest.

    I'd second the suggestion to basically make them into a new, temporary form of mark, where you can farm them all and pick up a piece of t3, or you can farm them casually and pick up a piece of t2. This incarnation was a total bust for those of us who have lower gear levels and can't really sink more hours and hours into hoping that someone can carry us to a PVP win, or grinding through experts without charges for an extra 2 sparkles each.

    By the bye, Laeti, which minion addon were you talking about? That link was super helpful, so now I actually have enough minions that I'm considering investing some credits into running them more heavily, since I try to craft a lot of my own stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daglar View Post
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    I realize this is not casual at all, but still: I have gotten my last 100 sparkles in one day by doing only 2 activities, and that's not even the highest number. All I did was tagging zone events using the Event tracker, and just jumping into some NTEs when it was getting too boring.

    Now I'm not saying it's normal or easy, but it is possible if you're dedicated enough. Given that the quest will be there for another week (until the next hotfix), there's still plenty of time to catch up.

    The event tracker I'm using is http://yaret.us.to/na/en_US.html - it's the best one out there, you can customize it, and it's really helpful for such things.
    My way of doing it was actually pretty simple, I only tagged 3 types of events - Unstables, Fae Yule Gifts, and Ravenous Devourer. It's better to only tag those in Ashora\Dendrome\Steppes of Infinity - as a 65, you won't need to mentor for those, and you can also tag RD in Draumheim without having to be mentored down.
    For Steppes, I used the Camp Skyburst porticulum (very few mobs around, pretty nice arti spawn rate), for Ashora&Dendrome I used one - the Fortress port, because it's good for both Ashoran and Dendrome events (the nearest Dendrome zone entrance is like 30sec ride from the porticulum, and there's usually lots of artis in this wall area). For RD event, you'll need Zeuxis District port, just jump up into the ocean and the boss will be right in front of you.

    This way you can tag all the zone events you can without mentoring down (1 arti is enough for it to count), and do quick NTE runs while there's no active events going without losing the zone event rewards.

    Split this into few days and you'll get a lazy ez mode sparkle farmfest which wouldn't include WFs if you dislike them, and you could even skip any other activities besides zone events if you don't feel like doing them.

    Hope that helps.

    The addon for minions is this one: http://www.curse.com/addons/rift/minion-sender
    Just make sure to set the "Reserve Stamina" bar to 10 so you could still use any minion for a 8\10hr mission before logging out.
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