A little background, I play with two monitors and I only use dual monitor wallpapers (3840 x 1080) because seeing the same image mirrored on both is awkward and ugly imo. I also love this game, the art, the story, and everything else about it pretty much. However, there aren't many dual monitor wallpapers for Rift. And I was thinking the six dragons of the planes (images below) would be perfect for dual monitor wallpapers. Unfortunately there are none. At all. If anyone finds any/any are made. Please comment down below. I really want to see these hulking dragons conquer my desktop as a reminder of why I love this game. Below are some images I've found of the dragons. (Strangely, there aren't many)

Here's Greenscale. The chubby lovable dragon of life we all know. This image would be great, except for the fact that its tiny.

Then there's Regulos. Dragon of death. This is about all I could find of him in this form.

Next in line is Maelforge. Dragon of fire and my personal favorite. Having done the raid, I can say that Maelforge is just as cool as he looks in person.

Behind Maelforge is Laethys. Dragon of earth, and probably the most underrated of them all. I only get to see her/him (im not sure of the gender) in the chronicles and when doing ID.

After that comes Akylios. Dragon of water. This is by far the most interesting as Akylios is not the typical dragon. He/she is bound by water and his/her layer in the instant adventure of HK always leaves me breathless. I've also never seen the bottom half of Akylios. Thankfully there are some pictures!

And as a side note. This image would be awesome, if it wasn't so small...

And finally. Crucia, dragon of air or storm. She even has her own expansion pack pretty much! (So does Akylios I guess)