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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: SOCIAL MEDIA WORK OUT: Do you want/have a strong game network?

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    Default SOCIAL MEDIA WORK OUT: Do you want/have a strong game network?

    HUGE fan of connecting, networking and collaborations I'm out there with many others tweeting, posting, writing, vlogging, streaming our favorite zones.

    Are you one of these people or would you just like to get more involved with creating a better gaming community? Then read on!


    Whether it's Raiding, PvP, Dimensions, Wardrobes, Adventuring via video, livestream, guides, screenshots or creations. Whether its your project, channel or someone elses - sharing YOUR game has the possibility of reaching not only those who follow you but those that follow them introducing you and your game to new players, new audience members and new friends.

    Before logging in, after logging out OR during your game and on the run tune in from your mobile phone/laptop all it takes is 10 minutes a day of social media HYPE keeping yourself informed and up to date while you're at it!

    This is how to prepare to min max your social media experience.


    Even here on forums using search features identifiable by the magnifying glass on all good sites/apps or pages saves you so much time just type in a keyword.

    Dimension is a regular key word used in search as an example.
    Forums Tip: New Posts & Dev Tracker on Rift forums helps you keep tabs on your favorite parts of Rift.


    A hashtag is social medias version of a neon light billboard. From youtube to facebook, twitter and instagram etc using hashtags allows more people to see what you're up to that share a common hashtag interest.

    Hash tagging #Rift should be easy to remember but add #Trove #Defiance #ArcheAge where relevant
    Hashtag Tip: Add a picture to your tweets/posts to appear on main feeds if shared and @Riftgame if sharing Rift game play onTwitter


    If you enjoy the way someone shares your game the best compliment you can give back is to follow, subscribe and respond frequently to them generating interaction and a wider audience.

    Follow Tip: Check your pages/profiles for more following choices ie Twitch allows you to follow games not just players.

    And their you have it 10 minutes minimum for a healthier, more engaging gaming experience!

    Search for keywords, sites, other gamers, developers and hashtag the heck out of what you are excited about and should anyone respond go ahead follow, subscribe and say a whole lot of thank you's in your personal way to cheer them on!

    Remember Timezones: If you want to catch Trion Worlds or other gamers attention automate your sites to publish at Pacific timezones, prepare tweets with screenshots in advance - know your audience and who you want to reach most knowing sometimes it might not happen people might miss what you have to share but have fun anyway!


    Twitter - Official Rift Twitter: @Riftgame
    Facebook - Official Rift Facebook: Rift Game
    Youtube - Official Rift Youtube Channel: RiftMMO
    Twitch - Official Rift Twitch Channel: Trion Worlds

    Sharing Tip: Rift Official Community Blog is a brilliant site to share and you may do so directly from site.
    Are you on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Twitch?
    Do you use any other favorite social media sites/apps?
    What gaming sites & forums do you like to frequent?
    Do you have any social media questions?

    Let us know below and have fun!
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    Always feel free to ping us ahead of time and let us know you'll be streaming, we like to let other RIFT players know who might be interested!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho View Post
    Always feel free to ping us ahead of time and let us know you'll be streaming, we like to let other RIFT players know who might be interested!
    That's really kind of you to do. I've yet to see a community team with as much outreach as Trion Worlds. Keep up the good work!

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    Default Add your social media networks so we can find/hashtag the RIFT out of you!

    Quote Originally Posted by ultgamer21 View Post
    That's really kind of you to do. I've yet to see a community team with as much outreach as Trion Worlds. Keep up the good work!
    The Trion team are great and approachable So are many in our community.

    Speaking of community. Please feel free to share your social media sites so fellow Rifters can find you and see all the gaming genius you are up to! If there becomes a need I will make a list of them.

    TWITTER: @kiwidream101
    ABOUT: ALL my gaming adventures + gaming news especially Trion Worlds

    Also check my signature below.
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    Filming on the Internet


    I make videos. And endlessly lobby for additional ways for players to show off their RIFT creativity.

    Gimme demorecording and player-created content already! Please!

    I also moonlight as the bane of Morticus and CaptainCursor's existence.

    TWITTER: @Samuraiko
    YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/samuraiko

    Part IV - Marked by Fate is now live!

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay tuned for chances to win stuff via the Trion Worlds Creators Program!
    ** The Forum Drinking Game (to be played during server downtimes) **

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    I try to tweet on a regular basis.. and recently added YT to my routine, featuring videos of my favorite game RIFT and my hobby... Dimensions!

    TWITTER: @Nouvaerift
    YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/dimensiongallery
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    Rift Reforged Podcast


    All Things Rift!


    Podcast records live every other Thursday at 7:30 pm Eastern.

    Casual livestream, Running with Reforged, every Tuesday at 7:30 pm Eastern.

    Join the fun at http://www.twitch.tv/questgamingnetwork

    Miss the show? View, listen or download : www.riftreforged.com

    Twitter: @riftreforged

    Email: Riftreforged@gmail.com

    Come RIFT with us!
    Rift Reforged Podcast

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    Thank you for putting this together Kiwi!

    I run the RiftResource Twitter and Website -

    Twitter: @RiftResource
    Webpage: www.RiftResource.com

    I do, however, have my own Twitter/YT/Twitch. I do not post/stream very often on my personal accounts, however I am trying to get more active!

    Twitter: @xxoanna
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/xxoanna603
    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/xxoanna

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    Hello! I'm an author for http://www.riftresource.com/ - writing about Dimensions and Rift Fashion, you can find my weekly posts here http://www.riftresource.com/category/dimensons/

    I also have a twitter and a facebook page, feel free to add me, I do post a lot of RL stuff there, but there's also my gaming experience, and I'd love to share it with other Rift players <3
    Get your free shinies apply the code -> W2X6-HTHQ-NHC2-EWFX-3PDJ<-
    Monetization Discussion Thread <3
    Ambassador Program Revamp Discussion <3
    So tell me what you want, what you really really want - Rift Edition
    I have a special place reserved for me in hell. It's called a Throne.

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    Default Rift Streamer

    Hey guys!!!

    Thanks for posting! It helps me a lot using social media to actually advertise what Im doing.

    I take the chance here to let you know that Im streaming on a daily base.

    I really enjoy playing Rift and sharing my experiences on twitch

    Mainly you will see me doing Rift Rogue PvP warfronts.
    I do all other stuff too, except conquest and fishing

    The channel is pretty new but growing in the last few weeks.

    What I like most about streaming is interacting with the chat, having a great time together fussing around and playing together. Im trying to be as most interactive as I possibly can - sometimes I even forget to play the game because of the discussion going on

    So I would be very happy if you check out my
    Twitter: @Bybs89
    Twitch: twitch.tv/bybs89

    Thanks again for putting up this thread Kiwi!

    Im Looking forward to see you guys ingame/twitter/twitch!!

    btw: EU - Elanthia@Typhiria
    and: NA - Bybs@Faeblight

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    Default Love this <3

    My name ingame is Meralur i have 13 dimensions i work on randomly xD i am relativly new to the scene, and can't get enough of the content in this game from pve, pvp, and dimension building ^^

    Thank you for creating this thread, and thank you to all those who are sharing their love of the game ^.^

    My info:

    http://www.youtube.com/user/Dennisbam23 or http://www.youtube.com/user/DennisInternetsonxD once it changes xD
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    YOUTUBE: Grim Gaming Rift
    TWITTER: @GrimTheGamer
    FACEBOOK: facebook.com/GrimTheGamer
    ABOUT: The largest and most well-known active Trion (almost exclusively Rift) youtube channel. Lots of guides, builds, and gameplay videos. Mostly PvP oriented.

    Come enjoy the entertainment of the Grim!!! I do weekly HUGE giveaways. I'm talking 10 REX a week!
    Rift PvP videos and Tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/grimgamingrift
    Huge GIVEAWAYS every Saturday on the channel!

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    Hello, Ascendeds!!

    Thanks Kiwi for this thread ;) I have recently started a spanish blog about Rift, I hope it will become helpful to present and future players!!

    Blog: http://riftbloguero.com/
    Twitter: @RiftBloguero

    Rift has a great community, letīs keep moving
    Also, I think it would be a good idea to create some Trion Worlds merchandising, anyone knows who I must talk with??

    Thanks and best regards!

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    Default Rift Community Discord - All in one Text & Voice Chat

    To support Rift community and player content creators their is now a hub to chat in text or voice, ask questions, link your guides, sites, social media, youtube & twitch channels.


    All Welcome.
    Hope to see you there.

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    I've been wanting to make some machinimas, but not having a director's style camera is killing the project for me


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