Telaran News Network, 11 Dec 2014.

In an event now known in history as "the server reset that will live in infamy", the appearance of a major water rift over the Tree of Party at Fort Zarnost completely wiped out the Club Spark resort just days before a scheduled technomancers' rock concert.

Observers report just prior to the destructive event, a certain sheep herder of Ethian descent was playing the drums with a two-handed fae staff. The drums were at the time connected to an amplifier rated at more than 1.21 jiggawatts, and the sheer power of the magitech audio system may have caused a tear in the space-time continuum above Port Zarnost.

Called a "Rift" in local parlance, such disruptions in space-time allow invaders from other dimensions to enter our own plane of existence. These planar incursions have been thought responsible for the recent Kaiju sightings all across the Pacific Rim.

Local administrators are now calling for donations to aid stranded party-goers and restore porticulum access to the region. All donations should be made payable to the Telaran Banking Network account under the name of Blindwanderer@Faeblight.

Were You There?

TNN invites you to share pictures of the ill-fated Party Harbor and its mythical "Pillow Rooms". No pictures of the destroyed facilities were available due to a then in-force media lockdown despite recent calls for "screenshots" of the area for real estate valuation and advertisement purposes.