I did not know where to put something like this so...

Many of in the World of Warcraft universe have done me the great honor of checking out the kindle version of my first novel, "Sword of Light". I wanted to take the opportunity to thank those who have already read it. It continues to amaze me how many people from WoW took the time to check out this book. Word travels fast in guilds and raids it would appear. It is interesting to me that the world in my head resembles the world of Rift so much. Demons, and corrupt priests and nightmares, oh my!

Book 2 of the series of 5 will be out near Christmas with the current pace I am writing. Titled “Dead Man’s Hand”, it deals with the history of one of my personal favorite characters from the first book. No spoilers but if you read the first book then the title should tell you all you need to know about it.

The three books in the middle of the series will be an opportunity to see how the main characters came to be where they are before being introduced in the story line of “Sword of Light”. Each of these chosen three has a unique perspective concerning the world they all live in and help answer questions about the land in which the first book takes place. The last in the series will bring many characters throughout the books together one last time to do what heroes do, save their world.

Thank you all for your patronage and by all means continue supporting the efforts of self-publishing authors. Book and Kindle sales are great motivators to continue in our craft but the most important thing you can do for any indie author is review after reading. Constructive critics mean as much to me personally as positive reviews.

For the writers out there, keep at it. My wife, and editor, devours books and is always looking for a new book to read. Please post suggestions or titles of your own work here so I can pass them on.

If you have not checked this novel out yet, there will be a Countdown Deal on Amazon from August 29, Friday until September 4. Just search 'Troy Reaves' under books and give it a look. Thank you all again for your support and good luck in all your adventures.