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Thread: A guide to IDH: Paint Edition

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    Default A guide to IDH: Paint Edition

    Figured this belonged moreso in the community creations than the actual guide forum.

    Three months of drawing-intensive training and countless hours of time have led to this, my very first "Paint Edition" guide for RIFT. As the name implies, it was done entirely in paint.

    Please enjoy.

    (Jempire is my crazy guild)

    A successful raid starts with your party formation. Of key importance in IDH is an excellent healer - they could make or break your raid! Most experienced groups will run this with only a single tank or raid healer, which varies by fight. And watch out for that trash - it hits hard!

    Next, let's go over the first boss.

    Not bad, right? Now, let's cover the next boss fight. This boss, Wormfish, is particularly troublesome due to his severe food allergy to crabs, which also happen to be his favorite dish.

    The next boss is even harder -- and potentially more painful. Due to the graphic nature of the following image(s), we ask that all younger audiences stop reading now.

    And finally, onto the main event! The last boss, which features a number of key mechanics to learn:

    With her down, you've done it! TD--er, IDH, is cleared!


    Would love to know what people think of the guide in the comments! All feedback is welcomed. May this guide serve you well in your next venture to the Drowned Halls...
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