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Thread: The Dannan Diaries: Part 1

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    Default The Dannan Diaries: Part 1

    Greetings, Fellow Ascended. I hope this evening finds you well. I am new to Telara, but I feel a desire to share my adventures with you. Perhaps you may all learn something from my travels. I mean, with the number of mistakes I make and missteps I take, I surely hope someone gets something out of them, even if it is just a laugh.

    Our story begins as I was wandering around the forest of Silverwood. I came upon a fortress, and being the sneaky rouge that I am, made my way to the back.

    "Wow," I thought. "This is a nice wall...there must be something worth protecting in here! Can't wait to kill the guards and take it!"

    ....but then I went a few feet to my right, behind a rock and...

    ...really?!?! Now it isn't even worth it....

    So I wandered away, blades dry and pockets empty. I decided to go to the beach and have a swim.

    I mean, the sunset was so beautiful....

    ...never swim with plate armor on. It...doesn't end well..(see: learning opportunity)

    I managed to get out of that predicament, but I can't really tell you how. All I can say is that sea monsters may (or may not) have been involved. In short order I washed up on a beach where there were a bunch of dwarves sitting around being all mopey. They said they were sick, and I offered to help, detailing my patented healing dagger technique. They didn't seem interested, but I knew once they saw the results, they would heap gold at my feet. So I got to work....

    ...but in a sneaky way.

    I readied my healing dagger


    Well...I think the important part is that he is no longer sick. How didn't they expect a healing dagger to work anyway, magic? pshh!

    Anyway....the dwarves begin heaping rocks at my head, so I left. I found myself wandering through a snowy wasteland, with an ominous gate in the distance:

    All I could think was..."That is going to be one creepy place to visit"

    I hate it when I'm right....

    Still, I never let the creepy stop me (that sounds wrong...), so I bravely set forth. After passing the gate I left the snow behind me, and looked forward to greater and grander adventures!

    Until next time, journey safe!
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