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Thread: [PODCAST] Rift Off the Record #18: "YEAY! Level 60! Um... Now, What?"

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    Default [PODCAST] Rift Off the Record #18: "YEAY! Level 60! Um... Now, What?"

    Rift: Off the Record ep 18:
    "Yeay! Level 60! Um... Now, What?"

    One does not just walk into Experts without preparing! Heads-up, fresh level 60 people: Liz and Rage are here to get you up & running... as well as to entertain you with tales of our own embarrassing pwnage (well, Rage's pwnage, really).

    We also discuss the endless possibilities of PvP dimensions, Trion's "go-ahead" for monetizing on YouTube, and The Goblin King himself, David Bowie.

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    Thanks as always for your guys work on these podcasts. They are wonderful to listen to while farming mats

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