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Thread: Animadictsaiyuki's Doodles

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    Default Animadictsaiyuki's Doodles

    Haven't really drawn in a long while like... months. lol. I wanted to draw my mage, Arsalan (Faeblight). I'll post up more doodles and stuff as time goes on.

    Chibi Doodle of him and his two undead, his zealot, Bodak, and his mage, Baelnorn.

    His hair is fun yet sometime a pain to draw. lol.

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    I'm a huge fan of that second picture. The way you drew his nose is especially awesome (I love big noses, not gonna lie). And his hair, too! Man, I can't draw those crazy elf hairstyles to save my life. You win a cookie.

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    these are fun and with great character! XD

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