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Thread: The Tales of Two Sisters

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    Default The Tales of Two Sisters

    Auram frowned. “It’s too quiet,” she whispered, as she moved silently from tree to tree near the Mirror of Ages. There was no sign of goblins, yet, sounds of hushed voices and the smell of burned wood told her the area was far from deserted.

    She tightened her grip around her yew staff and stepped lightly into the sunlit clearing. A small pool mirrored the ancient statue of a warrior, which was carved in its entirety out of a giant tree. It must have taken months, if not years, to accomplish this feat.

    Her eyes trailed from the water over to the small opening below the wooden statue, when she suddenly made out a movement out of the corner of her eye. With a quick reflex, she brought up her staff and began casting a spell. However, she found herself face down, in the dirt, a moment later. A knee pressed into her back and she could feel a hand in her neck.

    “Silence,” someone breathed into her ear.

    The assailant removed the pressure from her back and lifted Auram’s head, so she could breathe.

    “May the Vigil curse you,” she uttered, before the unknown attacker clamped a hand over her mouth.

    “Get up and move slowly backwards,” the voice said quietly.

    Auram noticed they increased the distance to the small pool and once they had reached the road, the attacker let her go. She turned around with fury in her eyes, staff raised and ready to strike, when anger gave way to confusion.

    “Asha, what in the Vigil’s name got into you? How dare you interfere with my mission! I don’t care if you don’t feel like pleasing the professors and rather pursue your own agenda, but remember that you are a Catari and therefore your actions reflect on our house, on me!”

    Her sister’s antics have angered her for a long time, this was the last straw. Auram was outraged at here sister and didn’t stop to listen to, what she thought, would be just excuses again.

    “This is just a game to you, isn’t it? Professor Legama is waiting for my return and you have nothing better to do, than to hinder my efforts to serve the Vigil?” She bit her lip and glared at Asha.

    Asha on the other hand just shrugged, which infuriated Auram even more.

    “Sometimes I wonder if the same blood runs through our veins,” she spat at Asha and shook her head. “Now, leave me, I am busy,” she added.

    “I doubt that your yew staff is enough to take on Alkamel, dear sister,” Asha remarked with a wry grin.

    “Alkamel the Seer is here?” Auram raised an eyebrow in surprise. If that is true, then she may have to actually thank her sister for saving her life.

    ‘Let’s hope it didn’t have to come to this,’ she thought, because it felt better to be angry at Asha, even so she secretly admired her younger sister for having the guts to follow her own ideas.
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    I so enjoyed reading this while writing your article wow how did I miss this way back then? Oh that's right I was busy world PvPing wiping the Telara environment with blood pixels.

    Love your your words Agrona!

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