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Thread: plague lord, advices?

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    Default plague lord, advices?

    Hi there guys
    tried some searches but not much...so i may be on wrong path

    i like concept of heavy armor and dots (i know i know...damn wow dk's) and plague lord seems fit my needs.
    any advices on a good soul tree? i am low level (27ish) and new and still learning ALL...
    i kill stuff quick enough but i got feeling it won't be like this ahead on levels

    Thanks in advance


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    Do you care more about an immersive experience (maybe recreate wow Unholy) or more about a performative leveling experience?

    That preset is okay for leveling. Warlord is a semi tank with a 'Soul Grip' and Riftblade gives some runspeed.
    Dots will always fall behind high burst builds in ttk unless you go for multi pulls and play into the strengths of Soul Feast etc. You can decide to manualy dot up multiple targets or to toggle Plague Bringer.

    -> Take one point from Riftblade Elemental Precision and put it into Warlord Combat Veteran (blocking witout shield)


    That should do it for 65- maybe even until 70 if you like it
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    Hey, and welcome to the game.

    Plague Lord preset is good enough for now. You are new-new, so it's an easy way to learn the game without trying to theorycraft too much on this versus that. But generally speaking, the presets are almost useless when you get near the endgame. As an example, just read the tooltip for your top point Reaver ability, Shadow of Dread. The difference between Normal and Legendary changes the spec performance drastically and if you can find some other Legendaries to combine with that one, you can blow stuff up really fast. But your current build doesn't have that synergy. In lower levels, some specs are quite good, but performance takes a hit as the levels increase. So keep in mind that while the idea of Reaver appeals to you now, you might die a lot later on.

    For now, focus on learning the game and read the forums here a bit for inspiration. Keep in mind that most specs you find in the guides are either crap or not nearly as good until you reach level 66 and can start adding the Legendary points. Some warrior specs at endgame rely on the Eternal Weapon you can only get when you are at max level, 70, and those should be more or less ignored for now. Other specs CAN be started at level 1 and slowly adapted towards the level 70 version. But you can always buy a new role (dual spec, triple spec etc) and try things out. It is extremely cheap for the first couple of roles, so you have plenty of "space" to fool around in. Or just keep a spec for various things (tanking, healing, dungeon, solo etc).

    I loved playing Reaver myself (Unholy DK since Wrath, no regrets), but it just isn't one of the best specs at endgame. My current build runs with the same 3 souls as Plague Lord, but switching the focus from Reaver to Riftblade. Different playstyle, but vastly better performance in the end.

    Again, welcome to the game. Have fun. Don't forget to experiment with what feels right for you. You can always learn more when you get to the higher levels. And don't forget, if you want to be lazy, this game can macro a hell of a lot more things together than WoW can. You won't actually LEARN to play a spec like that, but it sure makes it easier
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    sorry for the prolonged absence
    thanks alot for your replies guys really appreciated.

    switching the focus from Reaver to Riftblade
    mind sharing your riftblade build?


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