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Thread: need some help finding build guide

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    Default need some help finding build guide

    few months ago I found 26bm/48lib/2wc healer guide, played warrior for a day and never touched it again, now I want to return to playing my warrior but i cant filnd the guide anywhere.
    if anyone can help me find the guide ill be really happy. ty all in advance.
    all i got is ss with the kalerts: https://imgur.com/a/i2NE3br

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    It is not a guide and defenitly not recommendet to be used in any kind of group content.
    Even less that on your level.
    There simply is no possible reason one in a raid goes for that spec without having better option at hand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shas View Post
    Don't use it. Never use it. Just so you know it exists.

    If you need something for healing or Bm leveling let me know - try to include such info into the orginal request.
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    And while you browse, read and find help - consider leaving a like.
    It doesn't mean anything but to the author.

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