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Thread: Paragon suggestion

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    Default Paragon suggestion

    Hello everyone,

    I'm not sure if it's suggested/discussed before but something disturbing me for quite time and I wanted to share it. Paragon DPS seems behind or barely competing with the ranged specs like Tempest and Reaver(?).
    I'm not playing reaver for a long time so not really sure.

    How about updating Turn the Blade ability according to new weapon's power regeneration feature?
    Paragon shouldn't be sacrificing 20% of its DPS for 33% power cost reduction anymore and even some other simple change on Turn the Blade can bring it back.

    A Paragon fan.


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    Flowing Strikes: Updated the tooltip to improve clarity. Modified how Flowing Strikes and Improved Flowing Strikes works. The character will now only get a single buff, either Flowing Strikes or Improved Flowing Strikes. Improved Flowing Strikes now provides boththe crit bonus from Flowing Strikes and its previous damage boost.
    Force of Will Now also increases crit damage of Follow Up Attacks by an additional 3/6/9%.
    Turn the Blade Reduced the damage and healing penalty to 20%.
    Analyze Weakness Now reduces the damage and healing penalty from Turn the Blade to 15/10% for Paragon abilities.
    Weapon Master Now also reduces the cooldown of Flurry by 7.5/15s.
    Current PTS Build
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    thanks a lot. I totally missed PTS notes! awesome news

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