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Thread: Power Strike vs. Empowering Strike?

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    Default Power Strike vs. Empowering Strike?

    What's the difference between these two other than Empowering Strike being cheaper?

    My build is going deep into Champ, but 15 vs. 20 attack power for my basic builder seems like a significant difference in a long fight? Any reason I should EVER use Power Strike (Champ builder) instead?

    Thanks in advance, I have not played in 7 years or so and just came back for PRIME and don't know if I missed something in that time gap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarrath View Post
    My build is going deep into Champ,
    Power Strike should hit harder once you have Iron Strikes talent starting Lv36.

    Otherwise you can use w/e you want if you are not really going deep champion, or somehow doesnt take the talent for 30% more champion damage.

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