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Thread: New player needs help for leveling soul tree.

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    Default New player needs help for leveling soul tree.

    Hello, I'm a new player here, can anyone recommend me any leveling warrior soul trees? I've searched warrior guide forum but people comment there that those leveling soul trees are no more works since they are old version. Thank you.

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    paragon/warlord makes a very nice leveling build. go 4 points into warlord for recovery posture and use way of the sun from paragon when you get it. also there's a talent in warlord that let's you block without a shield that is very nice.

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    The above would probably net you more damage, but I've also been enjoying a Void Knight/Beastmaster combo for leveling. It gives you some healing, bubbles, a pet and some buffs. It's a bit maintenance-y (lot of DoTs from Beastmaster). Also Champion/Warlord I've found to be pretty decent too if you want more AoE than Paragon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSpacesBetween View Post
    Also Champion/Warlord I've found to be pretty decent too if you want more AoE than Paragon.
    41 Warlord, 35 Champ - It's what i've been using for about 5 years or so now, still works just fine. Throwing on a trinket that gives you an absorb shield on block proc also nicely replaces to need to use Chains of Life in most cases... Though towards end game with the Eternal, if you've at least 3 mobs on you, and use it at the right time, CoL will pull you back up to 100% even from 1hp left.

    Here's a link to an old 2013 post about it: http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...n-warlord.html
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    As a returning player from years ago this is what I did and it's been a blast !!

    Warlord // Paladin // Champion


    1-11 - All warlord with Combat Veteran (blocking without a shield + backhand = awesomeness)

    12 - whatever level Paladin

    All extra points ( not able to put into Paladin due to level) into Warlord

    Paladin has great DPS + Survivability + Full heal
    Warlord = Another gap closer + even more dps

    With that you can do quests // instant adventures // and when you get single + multiple taunt abilities you can que up as tank as well

    Eventually you can experiment with another combo for dps // support roles so you can que up as tank // support // dps to (hopefully) cut down the que time

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