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Thread: Please Explain Pacts and How to Use Them

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    Default Please Explain Pacts and How to Use Them

    Good Morning,

    Young Warrior here, level 46 playing Triumphal Warrior (13 Paragon/46 Champion/2 Void),
    a very squishy one at her best moments.

    What surprises me is how little mention pacts get and wondered why that is. My impression from what I could understand of the threads is that this is the one hit wonder for Warriors.

    Can someone provide a simple explanation of what a pact is and how to get the most out of them.

    What I don't see is that action that seems to activate it and what action releases it. Sometimes I see it building, other times... nada.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Pacts

    With the build you have, you won't be using pacts. They are used for Void Knight attacks and bubbles futher in the tree and are obtained by being hit with the void buff up (and later passively). But again unless you're going significantly into Void Knight which is a tank soul, you don't really have any use for them.

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