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Thread: Bring paragon back into viable top end dps

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    Default Bring paragon back into viable top end dps

    Title says it all.

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    I second this. I miss paragon in pve, used to be highly competitive when played perfectly (see Acuta...)
    Had a high fail rate too, was a good soul to distinguish the bads and the not bads. At least its a glass cannon in PVP right now, but RIP PVE Para.
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    I still think there's a minor 'global' solution to some of Paragon/Riftblade woes.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a "close-quarters bonus" for any melee spec, triggered when fighting within 5-10m and using melee-designated abilities.

    Sure, it's an age old cliché in just about any MMO: It's easier/less risky to play a ranged class than a melee class (when mobs are being tanked). Less disconnects, less enemy effects to avoid, easier target swap/set up, so on and so forth.

    Maybe I'm just thinking of our Warrior situation right now. I've returned to the game since mid-May after leaving 4 years ago at Storm Legion end raid game. I'm 70 now and doing the content.

    Let's be honest: if you want to fit in, if you want to be effective in the vast majority of high pressure fights, you are a ranged Warrior. You are a Tempest, as it were.

    I'm not one of these rigid "To get a true feel for the Warrior you need to play a melee spec!" type of people, I do enjoy our ranged options, but I'm slightly irritated that I've been somewhat funneled into a ranged spec.

    Sure, sure, Warlord and Champ build variations can hit great numbers, but again, let's take a step back and look at the panorama of all game conditions and be completely honest about the situation: We're incentivized to play a ranged spec in many cases for absolute effectiveness and viability.

    And having just one truly viable Warrior melee spec is a bummer.

    Hence my suggestion for a "close-quarters bonus" for melee ability-focused specs. Need that role-played? Okay. When you're close enough to smell the sweat and fetid aura of your foes, your senses and battle frenzy become heightened by proximity to danger.

    Whatever; just an idea. Wouldn't have to be a large bonus. Something to reward the riskier gameplay that is the dedicated melee class in Rift.

    Plus, it would be a simple 'global' way to adjust damage potential without meticulous re-balancing of Paragon and Riftblade. I enjoy 61 Para and RB builds, but they're hitting a brick wall for potential.

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