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Thread: Solo-friendly Builds?

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    Default Solo-friendly Builds?

    I spend about 90 percent of my game time running around the world solo. What do you consider the best build(s) for solo play?

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    61 in a dps soul

    Vampiric essence from death atunement.

    Dual wield.

    15 points leftover for more mitigation+healing

    4 Warlord for Recovery posture
    0 point VK for void
    11 Tempest for Jolt and Difficult Target
    4 Liberator for Aegis of Sanctuary, Some actual heals if you go higher then that.
    More Warlord for Combat Veteran and Battlefield Medic

    's basically what you do. Just need to figure out your preferred DPS spec, and then you can go with what is most effective to improve it.
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    I've been using Overlord for years; still works just fine. 41warlord, 35champ

    Yes, there's the pure DPS version available too, which currently does fantastic dps at higher gear. But that takes a bit of a different point spread.

    No Permission To Die
    Battlefield Medic
    Recovery Posture
    Power Variation
    Chains of Life

    Loads of heals for various situations, and still good dps throughput to keep you up and going over and over. You can tackle 10mobs at once and still end with full HP to immediately tackle another group.

    0pt soul is up to you.
    Paragon gives you Swift Strike Leg. and crit buff (better than tempest, bm, warchanter & reaver)
    VK for void and Reckless Strike Leg. (better than riftblade, & paladin)
    Lib for even more personal heals, if you feel you reallllly need it (which you shouldn't)

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