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Thread: (Legendary) Shock Pulse Crit Rate

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    Default (Legendary) Shock Pulse Crit Rate

    Today after Hexatel kill, i noticed on the damage breakdown that Shock Pulse's crit rate is way too low, compared to what it should be. In RB you can easily get a few thousand SP procs in a couple of minutes of parsing, so i went to recheck it on the dummy in my dimension. Image link.

    (Legendary) Shock Pulse Crit Rate-sptest.jpg

    As you can see from the picture my crit chance is 23.66% and in over four thousand hits of Shock Pulse it's crit rate was only 13.12%. Seems there's something going wrong with the crit chance calculations and this skill. And i'm guessing it has to do with the Legendary version of it. I haven't tested the normal version, but we probably would have noticed that in the past before the introduction of Legendary Abilities.

    Edit: my guess would be the PvP crit debuff, like it was for RB/IB.
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    Seems to be a common theme with RB and/or RB associated procs. Hope it gets fixed or at least looked at.
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    I didn't have time to test with a Riftblade build (I got rid of it when it was discovered it was the proc's of LSP and LIB were "broken"), so I used my soloing Warlord build with 1 spec having Legendary Shock Pulse and another with non-Legendary Shock Pulse.

    My test consisted of simply spamming Shock Pulse for the times listed in each of the two tests.

    As you can see from the screenshot of my Excel data, both regular and Legendary Shock Pulse seem to very close to my listed Critical Chance.

    Current assumption, based upon what Orochan mentions, is that it's associated with Riftblade specifically in some manner.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails (Legendary) Shock Pulse Crit Rate-legendary-shock-pulse-1.jpg  
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