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Thread: Beastmaster. Viable?

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    Default Beastmaster. Viable?

    Is Beastmaster a truly viable/necessary spec for raiding?

    I am looking for a decent guide. There is some one-button guide but quite honestly it doesn't seem to work (most abilities not firing) and I am not looking for one button. I can handle a few more to make it better.

    I am looking for a guide the explains the key abilities and when to use them. What is the status of Fierce Strike now? Does it cleanse or not?

    I want to have a second spec for raids. I can't be a healer because i don't have warchanter. There is almost always a tank (usually a cleric) and I am not particularly good at tanking.



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    Quote Originally Posted by irieguin View Post
    it doesn't seem to work (most abilities not firing)
    Perhaps if you read the guide or any tooltips more carefully, you'll notice that you have to be in melee.

    Quote Originally Posted by irieguin View Post
    Does it cleanse or not?
    Fierce strike never cleansed. It purges.
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    As Dark said, it is a melee spec and even as 1 button it works well.
    You will have energy problems if there is no one around with cost reduce but anyways 280k is decent for a support build.
    IF Tempest will make it to the live server as it is right now on PTS you have a nice ST ranged spec doing 400k+ but here you have to play a (around) 10 button Rota.
    For "melee" play Riftblade , pretty decent and very mobile. 350-400k.
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    All you need is to play Darkdaemon's 1button BM. You will never be able to parse higher than that with BM unless you're Darkdaemon as he told me previously.
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