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Thread: Liberator underpowered?

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    Default Liberator underpowered?

    I've noticed something ever since SFP came out and I was wondering if anyone else has had the same experience. Let me start by saying I have been playing Liberator for years, It's one of my favorite roles in PVP and raids. Lately ever since 4.0 landed I've noticed other classes are destroying me in numbers and ability.

    The other day me and some friends were doing some SFP experts. I got stuck healing most of them. It was no biggy, WC works just fine. Most of the DPS in my group were new lev 70's and only pulling around 150k per fight. The bosses took a little longer but it we did ok. Then we got to Scarn and I switched to lib and it went bad. With our low DPS, scarn took longer to kill. I did everything I could, I had Liberation Treatment, Corrective Measures, Mass Casualty Response all rolling. I used Mass Rescue, Extraordinary Care "L" and spammed Group Assistance like crazy. I could not heal the damage being done. We wipped 4, 5 times then I ended up changing places with the tank "a cleric" and he went warden. The next pull we killed him easily, he was able to keep us healed and no one dropping below 80% once. Couple days later we were back in there with me healing. We got to the end and after 2, 3 pulls of me trying my best to heal, "and failing" I had to swap places with the rogue who went to some kind of tactician thing and healed it even better then the warden did. It made me a sad panda.

    I love to play Lib in PVP, it was almost all I would ever play back in 3.0. I worked very hard at it and I was usually the top or close to the top HPS in every match. Now I'm lucky to scrape to 5th or 6th with other classes like rogues COMPLETLY destroying me by sometimes double my HPS. I am doing something wrong, or is Liberator just severely underpowered right now?

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    From the little healing I've done in 4.0 I'd have to agree that warrior healing can be a rather underwhelming experience when you put it next to a cleric or rogue. If healing is your thing, then Warchanter seems the way to go at this moment for most content. When the raids start rolling I'm sure Liberator will make a comeback and get some dev love.

    Also, they admitted in the recent livestream that one of the Tactician abilities is too good and will be getting fixed/nerfed in the very near future (if it hasn't already happened).
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    I've been healing 4.0 dungeons with 61 liberator without having any trouble and i'm not exactly geared. Mostly in greens. Same thing with pvp, liberator seems to be holding its own against the likes of warden, chloro etc...
    Only complain is the time the hots take to tick but devs have been ignoring that since lib was launched so i guess we can make do with the lib devs throw at us. The devs don't really care about warrior, nerfing anything that is competitive enough with other class' broken specs.

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