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    Question ...one ability per macro. message

    Been running same Reaver spec for about a year. Now with new Exp. out ( have not purchased) I've been running into delays and error msgs popping up on my screen. Here's the situation.

    Spam my #1key 3 times+ finisher
    keybind set with this macro:
    #show Explosive Infestation
    cast Explosive Infestation (EI)
    cast Shadow of Dread (SoD)
    cast Ravaging Strike (RS)
    cast @self Power Manipulation (PM)

    soon as I hit it I get this msg:
    Warrior Bug Discussion - 3.1 and Beyond-one-ability-per-macro.png

    remove the last line of the macro [cast @self Power Manipulation]

    Test again now get top message ... sometimes the bottom one.
    Warrior Bug Discussion - 3.1 and Beyond-conditions-prepping.png

    After I get my 3 AP and hit Dire Blow (DB) while I see the button depressed on tool bar - it doesn't fire off, have to spam it to finally go which can be a few seconds.WTH is this all about?

    A common denominator SoD, RS and DB have Legendary Versions associated with them....again I do not have expansion.

    So I put abilities + finisher on separate keys taking macro out of the equation. The delay is evident here on Test dummy as well w/o error msg.
    Stat rotation: Hit EI..wait 2 sec before SoD fires, then about another 2 sec for RS then DB finisher. The timing is all over the place and now I have to be more careful as it seems like everything is RNG on if things are going to work or not.

    Never had problems until now- suggestions? Thanks!


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    Thunderous Strike is not effected by legendary punshing blow (125% damage to aoe attacks)
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    Default Warrior Bonus % Damage Cap 150-155%? (Maybe even for all classes)

    Ignore this
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    nvm 10/charrr
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    Default Rift Blade

    Think it's bugged, have a hard time trying to hit 300k with raid gear.

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