Just curious because it's been my experience over the years that such massive disruptions of souls tends to result in roles using them being reset. In this case one of my warriors has a role with Vile Affinity despite only having 34 points, not 36, invested in Reaver. On top of that the placement of points under the old tree when applied to the new tree in that role is a bit sub-optimal, call it stupid if you want to be blunt, for the intended purpose of the soul. It doesn't help that the role was intended for tanking, and, well... It's kinda hard to have a tanking role without a (or the primary) tanking soul. /shrugs.

If this was an oversight so be it, but if it was intentional and this is going to be the wave of the future I'd love the heads up so it'll feel a bit less like insult being added to injury in the future.