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Thread: new to game need help!

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    Default new to game need help!

    so like the name says I'm new to the game. and I really love the warrior class but Everything I see in Warfronts every1 is Tempest and when I look at videos on youtube all lvl 60s say that Tempest is a must have soul for the 1st few moves. My question is can you be worth a damn without it? is it really a must have?

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    Tempest is stupid good.

    It is possible to do without it, 's a bit difficult however. When your entire team refuses to push forward... It makes it hard to be the only melee. So it's hard without our range soul. Which has stupid burst.

    No tempest is doable, but most definitely the hard way.
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    You can still be stupid good as a warrior WITHOUT Tempest. Tempest is just "easy mode" as it is the PRIMARY range war spec in a game where range is still supreme (note: for PvP, this is especially true...mainly because of all the chicken-****s out there unwilling to help melee push forward). Thing is, especially in the higher lvls (40+), Riftblade can be a useful sub. I know, i know, i shall receive MANY screams of protest to that last statement but Riftblade is viable. It does not have anywhere near the burst Tempest does, making it a PvP nightmare, but will work as a good support range when your melee drops off.

    The main problem is disconnects. If you wanna pull dps and go without Tempest, you have to find a way to mitigate disconnects. Best way? Put points into Charges and Pulls. Macro your skills so that if someone stuns and runs, you can charge them right back with a spam macro. Make sure to hotkey some pulls so if your group pansies out on you, you can pull the enemy towards you.

    THese are suggestions. Tempest is great, but not ulti. In pvp, it is almost a must have unless you run BM (as support) or Tank.

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