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Thread: Low Level Rift Warrior Tank/Solo Build?

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    Default Low Level Rift Warrior Tank/Solo Build?

    So I have a 17 warrior that I started ages ago. I never could get into Rift because I was always so overwhelmed by how many different sub classes and talent trees there were that I just ended up not bothering. I personally like to just have a few options and get to it...kinda like how WoW is now. Anyways, I want to get back into it tanking and soloing on my warrior and I'd like to know what the best build is to start out with so I can quest whenever I want and also tank encounters and dungeons as I level.

    Thanks for the info

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    You will want to have separate builds for soloing and for tanking. Tank builds do not do enough DPS to solo effectively (though warrior tank builds are passable) and they are also generally limited in self-healing. Solo builds do not have enough defense for tanking in groups because they focus more on DPS and self-healing. You can purchase additional roles from your class trainer and switch between them anytime out of combat.

    For soloing Warlord is a very effective soul, combined with Champion for AoE capability. I don't know how best to use it at low levels but at level 50 you want to be 41 points in Warlord to pick up Everything Is A Weapon.

    For tanking there's Paladin, Reaver or Void Knight. You should focus on one soul because the better buffs and talents are higher in the trees. Reaver and Paladin are probably better at low levels, I believe there are guides for using these as a leveling tank in the guides section. Above all make sure all your available points are in one of these three souls because that gives you the best endurance and mitigation.
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    I have the same question. Most of the "low level" builds I have seen - especially around Warlord/Champion perfect solo build - are talking about it as a build for the 40's and 50's.

    What about solo warrior builds for levels 1-40?

    Wouldn't it be better to concentrate on single-target damage with Paragon or Riftblade? Do those combo well with Warlord?

    Or is Warlord-Champion the best way to go at all levels?
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    Level 12

    Level 21.

    Level 33

    Level 41

    And fill up champ until you reach 50 and you can use the guide that is not to lazy to swap Reaver for Tempest as the third soul.

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