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Thread: Ranged Weapon DPS?

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    Default Ranged Weapon DPS?

    Does your ranged weapon DPS factor into your overall DPS for a Warrior? I know Rogues can put Whetstones on their daggers and it will effect their overall DPS, even when using a ranged build and I know warriors can put Poisonus Coating on their ranged weapons and get the proc eventhough we are melee.

    Just wondering because I have been rocking an enchanted shadethorn bow with an epic augment because it has better stats then T1 raid ranged weapons but it has less DPS. Sailor's Lament or Problem Solver just do not seem to exist so just wondering if I should grab a quantum repeater for more DPS than my Shadethorn regardless of it having less str/dex.

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    Its just a stat stick unless you use your "shoot" skill. DPS does not matter.

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