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Thread: Solo Warrior build?

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    Default Solo Warrior build?

    With the coming of the duo/solo dungeons I wanted some input into solo warrior builds.

    I have a good dps build and so-so tanking build. I typically solo on my dps build for non-elite mobs (kill the mob faster than it kills you I say) but I wondering if anyone has a really good solo builds that can take elites down.

    I've heard Reaver due to life leech is good, but what about suppliment souls?

    Should I continue to use a my 2-hander or go sword/shield?

    What about gear? Is it better to use dps gear or tank gear to solo elites?

    Any input or suggestions is more than welcome!

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    I recommend reading the leveling builds that are linked in my signature, as they are also great for end-game soloing/questing.

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