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Thread: ogcd compromise + others

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    Default ogcd compromise + others

    I could live with the OGCD skills being put on a 1 sec cooldown. It would achieve the desired, no 4 skills all firing in 1 GCD, effect and yet we could get another skill off every 2 GCD, thus not totally destroying our burst.

    Since most of the heals are hots, not doing damage on an interrupt is a bigger nerf than people think. It will give the healing class that extra time for the stack of hots to do its work. Its going to be a real loss in pvp. I would suggest keeping damage but having it do a bit less than the spam attack. ATM its a huge win for healing classes which are already OP.

    Bloodthirst. This change is not good. It would have to hit like a absolute truck, which would create new QQ, to make it worthwhile. It needs to be reverted.
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    Has anyone tested Bloodthirst? I noticed the +damage modifier got bumped up nicely, but then again, it gets mitigated by armor. I'm wondering if it's even worth the GCD if I can get another Searing Strike in.
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