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Thread: Simple breakdown for writing a macro for your warrior regadless of spec

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    Default Simple breakdown for writing a macro for your warrior regadless of spec

    1st tier abilities should be your follow up attack if any are applicable (rising waterfall, potr, etc)
    2nd tier abilities should be your AP builders with a cooldown (rift strike, backhanded blow, etc)
    3rd tier abilities should be your normal AP builders (power strike, dual strike, searing strike, etc)
    4th tier abilities should be your off GCDs (flesh rip, frenzied strike, etc)
    5th tier abilities should be your interrupts, these will not always be in a macro as there are many fights in this game where having the interrupt out of your macro is needed for the fight. these are also off the GCD.
    6th tier abilities should be any ranged attacks that will fire off if you are not in melee range. these are on the global cooldown. (path of the wind, flamespear, etc)

    follow that order for your macro, regardless of spec, and you will be able to write a macro for any spec. always have two macros made, one with interrupts and one without so you can switch mid fight for applicable fights.


    38 para 22 ch 6 rb

    (1)cast path of the raptor
    (3)cast dual strike
    (4)cast frenzied strike
    (4)cast turn the blade
    (4)cast inescapable fury
    (5)cast bash
    (5)cast flinching strike
    (6)cast path of the wind
    (6)cast flamespear

    29 rb 24 ch 13 para

    (2)cast frost strike
    (3)cast searing strike
    (4)cast frenzied strike
    (5)cast bash
    (5)cast flinching strike
    (6)cast stonespear
    (6)cast flamespear

    very simple.

    now you can all stop asking for macros and write your own!
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    we need a community sticky where we can post all the guides etc, have seen 10 how do we level a warrior threads this last week and creating macros is a common question also

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