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Has anyone tried using only SLI and fiery burst instead of shifting blades? It seems to be the best choice for PVE dps. I know the burst damage isn't there with sudden huge hits but being off GCD has some appeal and I haven't had any energy issues yet with the 44/22 build.

Shifting blades works but it feels "clunky" waiting for GCD and doing no damage for that span. The fiery burst also wouldn't waste the time on SLI like SB does.
it is clunky its best to plan for it if you can. trigger it when you at range and junk like that it is 15s duration.

as to FB>SB in pvp its all debatable IMO and goes to playstyle.....personally i know with correct rotation you can make a cleric go WTF QQQQQQQQQ every minute.