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Thread: lv19 rogue PVP builds

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    Default lv19 rogue PVP builds

    so what are your op builds for the lvl19 warfront/PVP bracket ?

    heres 2 of mine.

    1)the FOTM saboteur build

    18 points in sab
    2 points in marksman for kiting ability incase anyone gets near
    5 points in nightblade to boost charges

    yea , they can't get coda of restoration yet
    but they still do help alot in the warfronts


    18 points in bard , up to motif of tenacity
    7 points in riftstalker for surviability
    0 point sab , just for the adhesive bomb

    might wana abhesive bomb a pack of people skirmishing together before you go cadencing
    so the melees won't go "GET THAT BARD" and they all come after you , being snared is a good deterrence

    could swap out points to get a 2 point marksman for kiting ability though

    Please do share your pvp builds for the lvl19 bracket warfront

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    My level 19 bard build is 19 bard, rest in Riftstalker for 20% armor bonus plus a little endurance. I put 0 points in ranger for the pet (keep on defensive) and head shot as my main finisher.

    If melee jumps me I can pop my armor bonus finisher and teleport.

    As long as I can stay with a group of 2-3 people, I can usually get top contribution by spamming cadence and head shot when I have 5 points.

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