While I understand that in this game the stealth mechanic is not meant to let you stand near something for too long while invisible (which is good makes it take more skill), it seems that the moment a character or mob is even a single level higher than you that the range which your stealth bubble gets broken is MUCH farther out than those at your level. I don't think this is bad if the opponent is say, lvl 35 and you are lvl 30, however if you are lvl 30 a lvl 31 should not be /waving at you from 20ft away. While I do think elusiveness works well if you time it correctly and can even help someone lose sight of you once spotted still stealthed, it wont save you from AOE spam after that first spotting. Just wondering if anyone else thinks the distance between you and your target before spotting should be tweaked to more accurately reflect level difference. Discuss.