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Thread: Fighting against Necro/Locks and the like

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    Default Fighting against Necro/Locks and the like

    Ok so I have no issues with warriors of any soul or clerics for that matter....but it is beyond me how to drop a necro/lock or chloro combo.

    Ganked a mage earlier today, of course the stalker bug knocks me out of stealth so i have to bleed basically at the start and burn my foul play, got her to <1k, she jumps like a chicken even with my snare on her and forces me 'out of melee range' and heals to full basically.

    If anyone has any soul combos they find effective against this, lemme know and post ur tips to dropping them as well.

    Tbh, if i could stalk before the engagement and get a triple bleed THEN hit foul play, i'd probably live thru the encounter....or even stalk + assy. At this point though, I can't do either and opening with para strike DRs the stun on FP to worthlessness.

    On a side note: They really need to fix our DRs....foul shouldn't DR with para and 'sap' shouldn't DR with blinding...that is all. Oh, and fix stealth so a pet cannot hit me before even the owner, and the owner not seeing me from a mile away.

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    Sab/MM/NB is what can be used against necro/war/chloro --> throw charges --> deadeye --> barbed -->detonate --> repeat :P

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